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EBIMCS organizers aim to provide an excellent international forum for interaction across the systems research community, appealing and useful to academic and industrial researchers, welcoming both students and seasoned professionals.

A list of Program Committee members can be found here.

EBIMCS promotes experimental and practical research and welcomes both academic and industrial contributions, including the following topics:

  • I. E-Business 
    Big Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling
    Agent-Mediated E-Commerce
    Business / Enterprise Architectures
    Business Process Re-engineering
    Business Process Integration
    B2B, B2C, and C2C Models
    Consumer Protection in E-Commerce
    Customer Relationship Management
    Digital Goods and Products
    Dynamic Pricing Models 
    E-Business for The Belt and Road
    E-Collaboration and E-Services
    E-Commerce Content Management
    E-Government, Policy and Law
    E-Payment Systems 
    Enterprise Application integration
    E-Negotiations, Auctioning and Contracting
    E-Marketplaces, E-Hubs, and Portals 
    Electronic Markets and Multiagent Systems
    Future Work Environments for E-Business
    Innovative Business Models 
    Inter-Organizational Systems 
    Mobile Business
    Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
    Pervasive Technologies for E-Commerce
    P2P-Computing for E-Commerce
    Risk management
    Semantic Web ontologies, Rules and Services
    Supply, Demand, and Value Chains
    User Behavior Modeling
    Virtual Enterprises and Virtual Markets
    Virtual Organizations and Coalitions 
    II.Information Management
    Accounting and Financial Information System 
    Adoption of Information Technology in Organizations 
    Auditing and IT Governance 
    Automated Mediation in Group Support Systems
    Business Administration
    Business Policy and Strategy
    Business Strategy and Information Systems
    Distributed Information Systems, Electronic Commerce
    Decision Support System 
    Electronic Commerce
    Engineering and Software Development 
    Enterprise Information Systems-ERP 
    Financial and Banking
    Health Care Administration
    Human Factors in Information Systems
    Human Resource
    Information and Communication Technology 
    Information Quality and Strategy
    Information Systems Planning and Management 
    Information Systems Management
    Information System and Technology
    Internet Technology
    Information Technology Management
    IT Education And Society 
    IT and IS Security
    Knowledge Acquisition, Expert Systems 
    Knowledge Based Systems to Support Database Design
    Knowledge Management
    International Business
    Management and Organization Behavior
    Management Education
    Management Information System
    Managerial Consultation
    Non-Profit Sector Management
    Object-Oriented Enterprise Modeling
    Operations Management
    Organizational Development and Change
    Project Management
    Public Policy Management
    Research Methods
    Social Issues in Management
    Software Copyright Infringements
    Systems Analysis and Design Methods
    Technology and Innovation
    Web Technology and Management
    III.Computer Science
    Artificial Intelligence
    Big Data
    Bioinformatics and Biomedicine
    Business Intelligence
    Cognitive Modeling
    Computational Intelligence
    Computer Hardware
    Computer Vision
    Communication Theory and Techniques
    Data Mining
    Deep Learning
    Fuzzy Control and Its Applications
    Internet Technologies
    Internet of Things
    Image Processing
    Information Retrieval
    Information Security Intelligent Analytics
    Intelligent Education
    Intelligent Prediction
    Internet Of Things
    Knowledge-based Systems
    Logics and Logic Programming
    Multi-Agent Systems
    Multimedia Signal Processing
    Natural Language Processing
    Signal Processing
    Software Engineering
    Wireless Networks
    IV. Other Related Topics